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The Groupe Santé Dentaire offers a large range of services in dental care in the Outaouais area and in the Province of Quebec.

General dentistry

General dentistry includes all the required treatments and cares to maintain a good oral health. Dental examinations and good monitoring allows us to detect problems or health deterioration of your teeth.

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Dental crown and deck

A deck or dental crown are procedures to restaure or replace one or many permanently damaged teeth.

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Aesthetic treatments

Aesthetic dental treatments are about giving luster to your teeth. Smile as you want with a quality teeth whitewashing.

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Removable prosthesis

The removable prosthesis are apparels replacing real teeth. Conceived for the upper jaw or the lower jaw, these apparels are easy to remove for daily care.

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Dental surgery (wisdom teeth extraction)

Dental surgeries are available in our clinics. Wisdom teeth extraction is a necessary procedure in many cases to preserve oral health.

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Implantology and prothestic on implant

Those procedures are needed to replace one or many teeth completely by inserting implants who replaces the tooth root. Those teeth are stable, comfortable and esthetic.

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Laser gum care

These laser treatments can improve teeth and smile aesthetic. The laser reduces the gum quantity by eliminating the sore portions.

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Endodontic treatment (canal treatment)

Canal treatment allows to preserve a damaged or dead tooth. Keeping the real tooth allows us to preserve teeth alignment and also avoid many problems.

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Bruxism (relaxation plate)

Relaxation plate apposal can help people who had bruxism issues and fix some teeth grinding problems.

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Oral protection (sports)

Oral protectors for sports are important to avoid teeth injuries. Besides reducing chances of concussions, an oral mouth guard protects your teeth against diverse possible shocks.

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Whitewashing on chair

Whitewashing on chair allow you to have instant results during a one hour treatment. The whitewashing solution is activated by a source of heat or light.

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Whitewashing with dental trays

Whitewashing with dental trays encourages contact between whitewashing agents and the teeth. One of the advantage is that the treatment is relatively short : 30 minutes more or less everyday during 5 days.

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